Carbon Footprint

All human beings emit greenhouse gases into the atmosphere when performing daily activities.

Knowing the individual, product or company carbon footprint helps us fight Climate Change.

Measure, reduce and offset your Carbon footprint for business

With specialists we measure the Carbon Footprint in Argentina of your company, product, event or offices and put together an action plan so that you can reduce emissions and even compensate them.

Medimos la Huella de Carbono en Argentina

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Measure, reduce and offset your Carbon footprint personal

With this simple calculator that we designed you will be able to know your footprint in 5 minutes or make a more complete form and have more details. You will also be able to receive advice to reduce your footprint and you have the possibility of offsetting emissions by supporting projects. At Sustainability Without Borders we measure the Carbon Footprint in Argentina.

Average footprint, in tons of
CO2 equivalent per capita per year


Tips and advice to reduce individual carbon footprint