Advisors about Climate Change

Would you like to promote proactive climate change policies and projects?

Facing climate change means promoting active adaptation and greenhouse gas mitigation policies. From raising awareness to the implementation of concrete measures with quantifiable impacts, our team is trained to accompany you in this climate change advisory process.

asesoramiento sobre cambio climático.
- Carbon footprint

We measure the carbon footprint of products, services, events and even an entire organization and give compensation suggestions based on the results obtained. Our work includes the carbon footprint measurement and life cycle analysis of CEAMSE's operations and of our own events. Our calculations are validated by the University of Catalunya (UIC).

asesoramiento sobre cambio climático
- Mitigation and adaptation plans

We can accompany you in the development of mitigation and adaptation plans to climate change. Our team is made up of professionals from multiple disciplines with extensive experience, which allows us to address complex issues in an agile manner. Contact us for advice on climate change.

asesoramiento sobre cambio climático.
Inventory of greenhouse gases

A GHG inventory is an analysis of the amount of greenhouse gases produced by an activity, territory or production unit and emitted into the atmosphere, and it is expressed in CO2 equivalents (the standard measurement unit) during a particular period of time (for example, one year).

Maps for threat monitoring and risk management

We develop a methodology for the identification of threats and vulnerabilities at the subnational level. This is reflected in maps that georeference impacts and that can be input for the development of public policies and strategic plans of the private sector.

asesoramiento sobre cambio climático.

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Mariano Villares | Co-Founder of Sustainability Without Borders