Training sessions

The first step to become part of the solution is to understand what is happening and then to learn how to reduce our impact and adapt from the individual to the collective..

We offer virtual and in-person training sessions

Training goals:

✅ Comprender de la realidad actual abordando la problemática climática.

✅ Acercar el contenido técnico necesario para comprender las problemáticas ambientales de forma más accesible.

We use agile and interactive methodologies with diverse technological resources, and tailor the training sessions to the needs of each sector, making the sessions:


🌱 Dynamics




The multidisciplinary nature of our team allows us to provide training on a wide range of topics related to sustainability and, in particular, climate change. Some of the most frequent training sessions that we offer are related to the following topics:

Climate change



Pérdidas y daños

Huella de Carbono

Climate justice


Y mucho más …


We have worked with high school teenagers, college students, company employees and managers, public officials and neighbors. Again, our team's extensive experience in various sectors allows us to adapt content and forms to suit a diverse target audience.



Líderes empresariales

Activistas y estudiantes

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Micaela Tomasoni | Gerente de capacitaciones

Check some of our latest training sessions

Climate justice

Check the first session of the RCOY Latin America 2022 training series, where Nasha Cuvelier and Mariano Villares, from Sustentabilidad Sin Fronteras, talk about climate justice, its importance for Latin America, and how the youth can be part of the change.

Meet more young people from the region in our next sessions of the series and participate in #CaminoALaRCOYLatam2022 (Road to RCOY Latin America 2022).

Seminar for neighbors

Check the first training session of the seminar on climate change for residents of the municipality of Vicente Lopez, province of Buenos Aires. In this class,

Mariano Villares introduces us to the world of climate change and what is happening to our planet.

Climate promise in Argentina: First awareness workshop for the youth

The Climate Pledge is PNUD's response to the challenge of combating climate change, which requires all countries to make significant commitments in accordance with the Paris Agreement to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions causing global warming.

Climate justice | An ethical problem addressed from the social and legal standpoints

During the training, two specialists explain what climate justice is, how it is being approached from the social and legal perspectives, and what was expected to be achieved at COP27 held in Egypt in 2022. Guest speakers: Rodrigo Rodriguez Tornquist, advisor, and Gonzalo Sozzo, Fundación Expoterra.

Digital environmental activism

Social media as tools for communication and promotion of environmental efforts. Activism has become a key part of the environmental political agenda and a tool for socio-environmental claims. Can we be more empathetic with each other and aware of the reality in which we live?

Guest speakers:Nicki Becker, renowned activist and co-founder of JOCA, and María Natalia Mazzei, activist and content creator of @ecointensa.